How to resolve HP5742 Will print problem

How to resolve HP5742 Will  print problem

One of our customer meet this problem:

His new HP5742 Officejet not print Word documents with an exstention .doc or .docx. When he  Excel some documents the printer did not workt. he cleaned the registers (WIN+R printui s /t2) and the shop give him a other (new) printer.

Problems stll continue.

The method to resolve this problem:

A part of old driver of HP was still active bij installing newe software.
This dit the trick:
Remove HP sofware with Windows.
Ctr+Alt+Del in property’s stop the still running HP programs.
With (Win+R) printui /s /t2 remove printer.
Check Ctr+Alt+Del if there is still any HP program running, stop this en try to locate this program and delete by hand this program.
After restart the PC install de HP software.